Rocking out at Saylo live show with Hunter and Bowie

Hi guys,

We're Saylo.

This is the start of something.

  • The dreamers...
  • The builders...
  • The lovers...
  • The fighters...
  • The artists...
  • The wanderers...
  • ...this is for everyone.

We believe that music can change the world one moment at a time, and for us to play a part in that is our foremost desire. We've got big goals and even bigger dreams, and we're going to give it all we've got to turn those dreams into reality. We're here for the love of music and the hope of what it can do. What it's done for us. What it can do for you. We're here for the long run.

So come help us! Keep listening to our music and sharing it around with your friends, keep watching our videos, and keep being the best fans and friends on this planet! You guys make our days awesome, day in and day out. We're here because of you.

...and there's more to come. We promise.


Behind the scenes of Saylo

Hunter Derrick is Saylo's lead songwriter, singer, and lyricist.
Bowie is Saylo's drummer and percussionist.

The live band and business crew of Saylo...

Hunter Derrick sings and sometimes plays an instrument, mostly guitar, live. Occasionally he will play the keyboard or synth, according to what the song needs. He is constantly singing and making sound, and those nearest to him are all to aware of this fact.

Bowie will almost always drum during a live performance. Sometimes he will play a light synth, and often drumming includes the drum pad. If you follow his personal account on social media you will quickly learn he lives, eats and breathes for drums.

Chase Sumway is a part of the live band in Saylo, and plays keyboard and synths. He can play through the piano as Billy Joel or Elton John might.

Jordan Savas is also a part of the live band, and is the bassist. Legend has it, if you put your ear to the ground, anywhere in the world, you will hear a subtle bass amp boom.

All four of them participate in the social media and business end of the band, and wish to bring great music to everyone wanting to listen!